Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #469: Fedora Council Hackfest 2024

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I am probably not doing FOSDEM this year, but I probably will want to visit Brno, so Vienna is deal. I can make Amsterdam work, though — the most important thing is getting as many of us there as possible, and I’ll adjust to accommodate.

My initial apprehension to Vienna was cost, as I always remember Vienna being an expensive city to travel through. However, the hotel rates near the Red Hat office there were surprisingly competitive. I have never been to Amsterdam, although since I am going to FOSDEM, I do like the idea of taking a train trip from Brussels better than a flight. That said, I am not blocking either location.

I would be curious for other Council travelers who also may or may not be attending FOSDEM next year.

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My preference would be for Vienna. I would like to go to FOSDEM this year and may even make that work, but the more logical option to me is to have the Council hackfest be closer to Brno because I can continue on to (or come from) that RH office for work with my team and other projects. To me this is important because I will likely need to ask my team for some budget consideration as well and going to Brno has more value than FOSDEM in this case.

However, as Matthew noted, to me having a location where everyone can get together in person is most important. I can do either city.


I would prefer Amsterdam since I’m planning on attending FOSDEM, and I do love train rides. :sweat_smile: However, I’m open to either city, so I’m flexible to go with the choice that works best for the majority.


There is a night train
to Vienna departing either from Amsterdam or Brussels these days. For
those who really prefer train travel and/or are concerned about their
environmental footprint.

If traveling from Brussels to Amsterdam, there’s a high speed
connection by
which takes just shy of two hours.
There are also slower connections (2h45m), which cost less.
Either way, you depart from and arrive in the city center of the
respective cities. That alone will save you time and money.

My personal preference would be Amsterdam, but hearing from those of you who are travelling from greater distances such as North America, that by going to VIenna you can maximise your time away from home by also visiting Brno easier from this location, I am happy to vote Vienna.

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Discussed in 2023-11-08 meeting.

After discussing pros/cons to the different locations, we took a straw poll and Vienna came out as the top option. We agreed to the week after FOSDEM, since the events happening before FOSDEM have many Council members pulled in different directions (e.g. CentOS Connect, CHAOSScon).

We want to follow up with @bookwar to confirm whether this option is tenable for her. Otherwise, if this looks good, I will make a first step by reserving space in the Red Hat Vienna office for us in February.

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I created a wiki page for planning the hackfest. There is still a lot of work to do on the wiki page, but it does start to do important work of tracking who is participating and building a budget proposal for the hackfest.