Repo has no mirrors | Fedora Linux 20 ARM | for Banana Pro

Using this repo for Fedora 20 arm for a Banana Pro, I get a reply that says that no mirrors are available.
Where can I access this repo.
Thanks for any help.

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Welcome to ask :fedora: @jfcdo89

Unfortunately you are using a old fedora version. As your link already implies you work with an archived version. That’s why no mirrors are available anymore.

What exactly do you want to achieve? The packages are there to download, they are just in the sub-folders ordered alphabetically. To thinker around this should be enough?


Please see this link for more information on older releases that have reached their end of life:

What is the Banana Pro? Could you share a link please? Ideally, it should not be based on such an old Fedora release that does not get any updates at all.

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Here is the link for a Banana Pro
I have set up the version of Fedora (20arm) on this small device and it runs.
The Banana Pro has a wifi device on board and I need to install the drive (ap6210).
It also has a wired internet connection and I am using that now.
I am trying to install GIT, so that I can then install ap6210.
The number of Linux commands that are available is limited with this version.
Thanks for your replies.


Have a look at busybox. You might get the rest you are missing with that.

try to add new repo ‘sudo yum config-manager --add-repo Index of /pub/archive/fedora/linux/releases/20/Everything/armhfp/os’ and try to install what you need.

I hope you are aware that almost every bit of the OS has been updated in some way since fedora 20 was released some 8 years ago. It is likely that a much newer version would work on the Banana Pro and probably has all the needed drivers already available.


Thanks. Now, the next question is: is there a reason you’ve installed Fedora 20 on it instead of a current release? Do newer versions not work on it, or are they not supported or something else perhaps?

I downloaded the version of Fedora that the manufacturer listed as the version that would work with this device.
That is why I am using such an old version. I am not sure if a newer version will work on this small device. I have set up Lubuntu, Bananian and ArchLinux (each one downloaded from the web page listed above) as well and I have run into the same problem with each one…unable to get and install theWiFi drive (ap6210).
I admit, this has been a learning experience, and quite a bit of fun, trying to figure out how these systems work.
I had not considered using a newer version of Fedora, mainly because I am new with Linux and I would not know which version to try or how to install it on the micro-SD card that holds the OS.
Again. thank you to all who have replied here.

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It would only take a bit of experimentation to know what would work. If you have 2 different SD cards then you could keep the one with th e currently functioning version and use the second to install a different version and test it.

I have a raspberry pi 4b and it works well with almost every version I have tried.

With fedora you have the arm-image-installer that can be installed then download the raw image and use the installer to write it to the card. Once that is done simply insert it into your pi and boot. If it works then great, if not then try a different version.

Remember one thing about what the ‘manufacturer’ says. They only give one recommendation that has been tested and most do not update the site where that is found. Thus the recommendation is only a starting point for the user since those sites may sit for years without changes.

I found this as a way to install that driver in almost any OS you would put on that little system.

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Thank you Jeff V
The link that you listed shows how to install the driver using git. My problem, I don’t have git in this system and I have been unable to add it.
I will search for the arm-image-installer that yo mentioned and give that a try.
Thank you

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Fedora 20 did not have the arm-image-installer. It came in much later, somewhere after about 30. Git for fedora similarly.