Remove MacOS

I’ve been absolutely loving Asahi Fedora on my Mac Air M2 and use it daily, so much so that I’ve started to run into a an issue where I’m running out of disk space.
I was wondering if it’s OK to remove the MacOS partition and if so, what’s the best way to do it?
I have external drives I can use for the extra space but would rather not have to carry around a separate drive if possible.

No, we do not support removing macOS as your system authentication credentials are currently tied to it, and we also have no mechanism for system firmware upgrades without it. You will lock yourself out of certain future Asahi upgrades/bugfixes.

This will be possible some day once we have SEP support and a way of doing SFR upgrades, but not today.


Great to know, thanks!

I’ll stick with an external drive until it’s possible.