Recommendation for backup/snapshotting on Silverblue

I understand that ideally, the system should be rebuilt from a Containerfile (at least that’s supposed to be normal/desirable in the future). User data is then left to some other application of the user’s choice.

I’m taking one thing at a time and recently moved to Silverblue.
There’s Timeshift and DejaDup for snapshotting & backup.

Say I want to backup everything, but preferably customized stuff, and system stuff separately.
I found a symlink mapping somewhere that I’m not able to find again… it sez things like ~ actually goes to /var/home/<user>/.
Is there a definitive list of these, in the context of Silverblue, so I can let Timeshift handle the system, and I backup customizations etc. with DejaDup?

Thanks in advance.

Is it that what you are looking for?

This looks like it, thank you.

So when backing up customizations, would these be sufficient?

  • /home/var/home
  • /root/var/roothome
  • /usr/local/var/usrlocal


  • /opt/var/opt
  • /mnt/var/mnt
  • /tmp/sysroot/tmp

My /srv/var/srv is empty, I don’t know what goes there.

So… does it make sense to use Timeshift in Silverblue?
Timeshift says unsupported subvolume layout (asks for one starting with @).
What I have is:

 fdra  ~  sudo btrfs subvolume list .
[sudo] password for fdra: 
ID 256 gen 3211 top level 5 path var
ID 257 gen 3211 top level 5 path home
ID 258 gen 3211 top level 5 path root

Should I stick to Deja Dup for user data backup, and let rpm-ostree be responsible for rollbacks?

I’ve been using DejaDup at the office for backup and basically just backup /var/home/<user>, with some exclusions like ~/.local/share (container storage under there) and ~/.var/ (flatpak storage).

I think the paths you identified will generate a very good backup of your user data…and now that I think of it, backing up /etc might be a good idea, too.