Silverblue and snapshots

I’m a little new to btrfs but I’m currently using it in Arch and taking monthly snapshots using time shift in case an update breaks something.

With the way things are handled in silverblue, would there be any advantage to doing something similar? I’m trying to understand where something like that would fit in since ostree lets you roll back in case of breaking anything. My guess is that it wouldn’t be necessary unless you just want to keep more snapshots. There may even be a mechanism built in that I haven’t discovered.

Note that I’m not talking about backups of data but system snapshots. This group seems smart enough to understand the difference but I’m only clarifying since this topic seems to cause confusion frequently.

If you want to do snapshots for user data, sure. But system data snapshots, not so much.

That’s kinda what I thought.

For user data, I prefer incremental backups on a separate device. That way, in the event of a hardware failure, I still have my data.

Snapshots are still helpful for this, as you can use btrfs send to transfer them over to a remote system or another disk via a network pipe with btrfs receive on the other end.

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