Really blurry fonts in Google Sheets in FF after scroll

First point is that I’m not sure this is an Asahi problem, it’s seem far too high up the stack, but the inconsistency of this appearing is making me doubt my assumptions.

When I open a Google Sheet filled with several columns on text - default size/font - the text is fine. But when I scroll the writing is so blurry to be unreadable (not just aliasing, but almost as if deliberately blurred), but then remains blurred, it’s almost as if the action of scrolling is a photoshop blur effect, interesting though this is the situation about 90% of the time, I can toggle zooming in and out, and with a little bit of careful precision I can get it back to near perfect rendering until I touch the mouse and scroll 1px and it’s back to super blurry. If you open a Google sheet and just type abc it doesn’t seem to happen.

Anyone else noticing this? Ive used Google sheets across all manner of Linux desktops in the last few years and never seen this.

Turning off Hardware acceleration in FF settings and restarting Firefox the issue is no longer happening on Google Sheets :exploding_head: :firecracker: so possible GPU driver related?

Oopps this has already been reported 1845309 - Google Sheets misrendering due to incorrect built-in WebGL shaders in Firefox

It’s kind of nice that all my issues this week from broken boot, to wifi/bluetooth coexistance, and now Google Sheets being blurry are already known, will make a stronger effort to check for existing issues across multiple sources. :bluethumb:

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The next build of the asahi specific mesa packages will have a permanent workaround for this issue. In the meantime you could start firefox with setting following debug environment variable set ASAHI_MESA_DEBUG=no16.