Raspberry Pi 5 support on Fedora 40 aarch64?

Something I’ve not been able to find any evidence of is an intention to support Raspberry Pi 5 on Fedora.
I believe rpi5-uefi is not quite feature complete yet and the V3D GPU driver for the Pi 5’s BCM2712 SoC is destined for the Linux 6.8 release.

Will Fedora 40 aarch64 ship with Linux 6.8?
Has there been any project discussion on rolling a Fedora aarch64 image to support the Pi5?

Any discussion and insight appreciated

See Fedora on Raspberry Pi 5

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Yes have seen this and there is no real info there, just conjecture.

Things change and progress is actually happening so I’m wondering, as explained in the OP, if there has been project discussion about a rpi5 image for Fedora 40.
Additionally I’ve not seen confirmation of what kernel will ship with f40 so this will be significant in supporting the Pi 5’s SoC

Read the fedora arm mailing list archieve and questions about rpi5 support.
That will confirm what we have been saying. The last update was “no change”, waiting up kernel.

What I do not know is which kernel release will have enough RPi5 support for the ARM SIG folks to build the RPi5 images. The rest is not conjecture.

Note that Fedora keeps updating the kernel to the latest that has been released and tested.
Fedora is not like LTS distros that always have old kernels.

All this I know, I’m no freshman. I’ve read through Linux and Fedora mailing lists and there is nothing concrete which is why I’m posting this on Fedora’s “Project Discussion” thread, it’s a reach out for anyone who may be able to contribute information.

As I said Linux 6.8 seems to be the mainline kernel with initial support for the Pi5’s BCM2712 which is likely to be released before f40. Of course this doesn’t mean there is an expectation to support rpi5 in f40.

Please don’t clutter the thread if you don’t have any info/answers

Ask on the fedora arm mailing list.
That is where the people that will be doing the work are accessible.