I got Fedora 40 working on my Raspberry Pi 5!

I’ve seen lots of “Ask Fedoras” about getting Fedora on an RPI 5, as I researched ever since getting my Pi 5. As you know, it is not officially supported thanks to the lack of RPI 5 support in the kernel. Thanks to dwrobel’s copr (hence the tag), I was able to boot it up and it works, besides the resolution lock and other things (which have been driving me insane) it works perfectly fine. WiFi works, most things work. Here’s the links you can use:

Copr: dwrobel/kernel-rpi Copr

Github: GitHub - dwrobel/kernel: Downstream Linux kernel for the Raspberry Pi 3 & 4 Model B for Fedora and CentOS.

RPM Fusion (with premade images!): Howto/RaspberryPi - RPM Fusion


Would you share your insight and a step by step procedure that others could follow.
The links you provided do not contain anything that would help on a Pi 5.

The thing is, there are no steps (other than what would normally be required to install Fedora on say, a Pi 4)

  1. Go to the RPM Fusion link in my original post
  2. Find the Fedora 40 (or 39) download (you’ll need to pick between Workstation and Server, haven’t tested server though)
  3. Install it (my only SD card reader was on my Mac so I used Etcher)
  4. Put the SD card in your Pi 5, and voila!