Fedora on Raspberry pi 5

hello - i bought a new raspberry pi 5 and was thinking of putting fedora on it, but after doing some research, it looks like there’s a special version for the pi? i’m guessing because it’s ARM and not x86? not really a big problem, if it works well. the screen shot i saw in one of the articles showed an odd looking DE. thought it was GNOME, but it might’ve been KDE.
i’d like to have consistency between my laptop and desktop - i run Fedora 39 on my laptop and was going to have the pi set up as my desktop with it as well. maybe this wasn’t a good idea?

Pi is ARM-based, so you need the arm version (aarch64).

However, the Pi5 is not yet fully supported, see Fedora on Raspberry Pi 5, Fedora 39 Server on Raspberry Pi 5 does not boot and https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/arm@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/LW3HTPQWDAS3XKXAHAH2AEGAMVEPU2U6/


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I also have a RPi 5 and I’m waiting for Fedora to install on it.

At the moment I’ve used the raspbian for RPi 5 to make sure that the hardware is all working. The DE is LightDM by the way.

As @augenauf said Fedora on RPi 5 is not working yet.

The needed upstream kernel changes are happening, but it will be a while before there is a bootable Fedora with GPU support.

FYI: Fedora on RPi 4 works great. I have a couple of RPi 4’s doing a great job.


@barryascott @augenauf thank y’all for this information! i shoulda done better research before buying it. i wasn’t thinking at all about it running an ARM chip, though i knew it did. i’ll hold on to it anyway, since they’re somewhat difficult to come by, i’ll just delay what i was planning on doing with it. not a big deal, i just wanted a desktop set up so i wouldn’t have to constantly be connecting and disconnecting my laptop all the time. i may still try running a compatible distro on it and see how it goes. i was just wanting the aesthetic/technical consistency. thanks again :slight_smile:


I mean just try how Fedora runs and maybe help find some bugs!

Last i tried fedora cannot boot the kernel on rpi5. Seems kernel 6.9 will be needed from the last feedback on arm mailing list.

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