Fedora 39 Server on Raspberry Pi 5 does not boot

Fedora 39 server does not boot on a Raspberry Pi 5.

With Fedora 36 there was an image that Raspberry Pi Imager would write to the SD / SSD (I did not repeat this for 37 or 38 but upgraded in place).

Such an image does not exist in the latest Pi imager.

One can write the ISO onto an SD / SSD but this image does not boot. Neither does the upgraded SSD (36 → 37 → 38 → 39).

One reason is the missing bmc-2712-rpi-5.dtb (this exists in the Ubuntu boot partition).

Copying this (and adjusting the config.txt) does not boot Fedora.
There is another boot layer (can only be seen mounting the boot media in Fedora) that contains boot overlays.

Again, there is a bmc-2712… file missing.

Without any template to copy from, this is where the boot process ends.

Is there a way to create a bootable SD / SSD for Fedora server 39 for Pi 5?
Alternatively: Is there a way to create the Fedora internal bmc-2712… related file?

I edited my reply as I see there are things happening see Raspberry Pi 5 support - how to contribute? - arm - Fedora Mailing-Lists

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From what I read there, it seems that my first approach was a little naive.

While I applaud your efforts, there have been several posts about fedora support on the RPi 5. As yet that seems not quite possible due to the requirement for upstream support in the kernel with the newer chipsets on the Pi.

I have not even been able to boot F38 Server on the Pi 4 and enable wifi support since the server image does not enable wifi by default.

Wifi support worked by installing wpa_supplicant and configuring it.
I used this help page: Fedora on Raspberry Pi :: Fedora Docs