Radeon Pro WX2100 card not recognized on Fedora 38

I have a Radeon Pro WX2100 card that I have been faithfully using with Fedora for some time. It worked as recently as Fedora 36. I tried upgrading to Fedora 38, and now it is not detected at all. I then tried reinstalling my system with a fresh Fedora 36 install, and again it is not detected as a display device at all. I had to reimage back to Fedora 36, at which point it was back to seamlessly working as before without any intervention on my part.

What can I do to get this video card working with F38 so I can continue staying up to date?

Hello, Nate, and welcome to the Forum. What do you mean by “it’s not detected at all”? The WX2100 is a GCN4.0 (Polaris) GPU and it’s well supported by Linux in general and by Fedora in particular. I’ve had no issues with a newer GPU (RDNA 2.0 generation), so I wonder what the issue is in your case.