Radeon Open Compute experimental installer

I just discovered this today - https://github.com/RadeonOpenCompute/Experimental_ROC/tree/master/distro_install_scripts/Fedora/Fedora_29. I’m planning to test it out today on Fedora 29 Workstation, and if it works, on Silverblue 29. This would solve a few problems for me on my workstation.


  1. As the repo clearly states, AMD support is minimal. They support Ubuntu and RHEL / CentOS and that’s basically it. But it is open source and Fedora could step up and package it.
  2. This is AMD GPUs for computing, not games. It’s probably applicable for blockchain things but I’m strictly interested in the OpenCL / deep learning / scientific computing aspects.

If anyone wants to join in the fun, I’ve forked the AMD repo to https://github.com/znmeb/Experimental_ROC

I mean, if it works on RHEL, I’d think it would run well on Fedora.

Please note that Fedora 29 is not a ROCm platform that AMD officially supports or tests against at this time. As such, tools that target this distribution should be considered experimental. Bug reports and pull requests for Fedora 29 are welcome, but AMD does not guarantee any level of support for this setup.

That’s lawyer-accountant-marketing speak for “if you want to work for us for free, go right ahead”. Engineer-to-engineer, yeah, it works. I got it to install in a container on Fedora 29 Workstation and it’ll probably build from source as well. It’s obviously too late in the F30 cycle for packaging it, and since it should run easily in a container you could run it in an Ubuntu or CentOS container. :wink:

They appear to have tested it in containers; the scripts sometimes try a reboot and warn you if they think they might be in a container.