Red Hat AI / ML container?

I’m in the process of converting my laptop to Fedora 31. It has an NVidia 1050Ti card. I saw something on a blog post somewhere in the Fedora world about support for a “Red Hat AI / ML container”. Is there a write-up somewhere about how to get and use the image?

Here it is:


I would like to know about this too. I am currently using the ROCm tensorflow image for my deep learning needs, but I would rather have something more toolbox friendly.

hey folks,

i know there is a bunch of work happening upstream around containers on RHEL with NVIDIA support. i just wanted to share that there is a fedora ml-sig[0] that might also be a good community to include in the discussion.


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Looks promising - maybe we should invite them to start a topic here.

i think i might have buried the lead, as it were. they also have a mailing list on

unfortunately that list is kinda quiet, but i’m trying to help make the connection. i think it’s a great question @znmeb, i thought maybe a few folks over there might have better insight.

good luck =)