Questions for the Taskforce on Community Revamp

This thread is for contributors to ask questions over the next few weeks. These questions will be answered in the upcoming Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the 10th of December.
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What are the goals of the revamp?

How will funding available to ambassadors be affected by the proposal?

Is the structure of CommOps/ Mindshare changing with the revamp?

Will the revamp support in any way diversity and inclusion for new comers/contributors?

Given this will be an Council Objective, how will the TTF get more involved?

Do you think that by moving inactive ambassadors to ‘Emeritus’ we are actually excluding them from future involvement?

To follow up on the council question, will the leads be submitting reports to council ? if yes, then is there any timeline?

What will happen to ambassador mentors ?

When moving ambassadors to ‘Emeritus’ is going to be dificult is the $USER would like to be active again? What is going to be the procedure?

also This moving will be only one time or Will be a process to review ambasador from time to time to check inactive members?

One big problem ambassadors felt was the lack of recognition, as they felt being asked to work while this supposed to be a contributor work. How the revamp is trying to address the “I’m not an employee” problem/feeling?