[Review and Publish] AMA ft Community Revamp

@bcotton, we have planned for an AMA ft the community revamp on 10th December 2020. This post is the announcement to submit questions beforehand and need to be up as soon as it can be :slight_smile:
I hope you are doing great and had an awesome holidays!

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Hi @sumantrom I made a few edits. There are two questions that need to be answered before we publish:

  • When will the AMA happen? (all day? a certain time window?)
  • Where will the AMA happen? Is it in the Discourse thread? A chat? Video?

I am sorry, i missed the timings in the post, the event will be the same hour as our regular temporary task force meeting which is Thursday December 10, 1500 UTC -1600 UTC
Also, it will be a chat https://app.element.io/#/room/#fedora-mindshare:matrix.org

@bcotton I have updated the article text,can you schedule it and also help out with the reach

Published! more words to make discourse happy