Revamp team to update the CommOps Landing page

Hey CommOps team,

I am Sumantro representing the Fedora Community Revamp initiative. One of our goal was to have a refresh and as we were going through the docs, we found this[0] piece to be very outdated and we would like to take out some of the information in there and make it more suited for the upcoming Ambassadors to go through.
We are keeping this thread as an open floor to discuss anything that’s important, your opinions, and obviously any concerns for about 2 weeks.

[0] Fedora Community Operations (CommOps) :: Fedora Docs


I agree it is outdated. A refactor is a good idea :+1:

In defining what CommOps does, Culture and Storytelling have high-level scopes that I believe are still important framing to include. But other sections like metrics, elections, and sub-project support do not have current information.

Thanks for leading this conversation.

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