Questions about nvidia drivers, sunshine, and stable diffusion installation

Hi there,

I have a few questions for more experienced Fedora users:

I recently built a new rig with an RTX 4070 Super specifically for:

-video editing with Davinci Resolve
-Local AI with Stable Diffusion
-AAA gaming and emulation

I have been using Linux as a daily driver for many years and switched to vanilla Fedora on the desktop about 2 years ago. However, I have zero experience dealing with an nvidia video adapter installation on Linux. I have only used Linux distro on Intel Thinkpad before this new rig.

I have tried a few guides to install nvidia drivers on F40.

The Nvidia CUDA repository and RPM fusion method didn’t work for me as described here:

I then try and suceed to install the latest beta 555 driver run file downloaded directly from nvidia website following this guide (after seeing this new release on reddit):

The result is very good so far with games and Resolve. Not perfect but very usable. However, I have read some comments on reddit that mentionned that nvidia run files are not optimal on Fedora because they are more focused on Ubuntu releases. Therefore, I could get some problems at the next kernel update.

  1. Is this true? Will I have to reinstall it after every kernel update (I have chosen to register the modules with DKMS during installation)? Should I try to reinstall it in a different way to avoid problems?

Some users have also mentioned running the 555 driver on F40 under Wayland, but in my case I only have GNOME under X options when I log in after installation.

  1. Could this be because I answered yes to allow the nvidia-xconfig utility to automatically update the X server configuration files, or is this probably something else?


This seems correct.
The process that has worked for me and has resulted in almost 100% stability and satisfaction (and that I recommend to everyone who asks) is to not install from nvidia, or follow the guides from If Not True Then False (INTTF), nor to install from the nvidia repos known as fedora-nvidia40 or nvidia-cuda sites.

Instead I use only the rpmfusion repos that can be enabled directly from the gnome-software center on Workstation or by following the instructions at

The greatest benefit I see by installing this way is that I know the drivers being installed have been tweaked and tested specifically to work with fedora and I never have performance, configuration, or update issues. Packages from rpmfusion are always updated with routine system upgrades, including already installed nvidia drivers with kernel updates being compiled for the newer kernels.

Rpmfusion does not yet have the nvidia 555 drivers ready but I expect they will be soon. A little patience allows the proper configs to be in place and tested before the packages are pushed to the repos.