How to install nvidia drivers on Fedora KDE 40 (Wayland)?

Hello, I’m a new user and I don’t quite understand how to install drivers for Wayland. I have an rtx 4070, but os uses the processor’s integrated graphics (Intel). I tried various methods that I could find, but in the end I only get this output:
$ modinfo -F nvidia
modinfo: ERROR: missing module or filename.
Please tell me which commands should I use in my case?

Probably this would be what you need to install the driver for the RTX 4070.\bCategoryHowto\b)

If using secure boot they also have a how to that shows how to sign the modules and enable use of secure boot.

The 3rd party repos that you may have enabled during the first boot setup are where those packages are installed from. Specifically the rpmfusion-nonfree-nvidia-driver repo

Hi, thanks for the answer, but unfortunately, the method you gave me was one of the first to be tested and did not lead to a result. This guide contains a command for x11, not wayland

Not true! I think you are misunderstanding what that says and how drivers work.
Installing the drivers works for both. It is not restricted to use with x11 only since the driver is loaded at kernel level and all the rest of the OS is on top of that.

There are many, myself included, that use nvidia with the drivers installed in the method shown by the rpmfusion link and using wayland.

This is a misreading of the document. At the top of the Current GeForce/Quadro/Tesla page there is:

Supported on current stable Xorg server release.

The read Wayland.

Not all Xorg apps will work in Xwayland (xeyes can be used to demonstrate that cursor location outside the xeyes window is not visible to Xorg apps under Xwayland), but many apps now have Wayland versions and other Xorg apps do work very well under X-Wayland with benefits of larger maintenance efforts and security by design.

Hello, I tried again to go through the commands from your link and in the end I was able to install the latest version of the drivers. Thanks for the help. I would also like to clarify whether it is normal that the Nvidia X Server utility has only two sub-menu items, although when I used X Window, there were quite a lot of sub-menu items?

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Those apps depend upon the DE in use.
Wayland does not display the same options as X11.