Nvidia gtx980 ti

Hello there. I have been using Fedora for many years and I was able to log in in the previous version (34) using the Wayland option. After I have installed version 35 of Fedora I still log in in but some of the apps do not work anymore because I have a NVIDEA graphic card (totem, cheese, maps). Is it anyway way to make the NVDIA cards work with Wayland?
Thank you

Wayland should just work with the default nouveau driver for the nvidia card.

If you are using the nvidia driver from rpmfusion and have done an update since the install it should also mostly work, though there are still some issues between wayland and nvidia.

If you are using the nvidia drivers, which version is installed? 470 (does not support wayland) or 495 (has improved support for wayland)?

I am not using a NVidea Graphic driver.

[nano@fedora ~]$ glxinfo | grep -i vendor
server glx vendor string: SGI
client glx vendor string: Mesa Project and SGI
    Vendor: nouveau (0x10de)
OpenGL vendor string: nouveau

As you see I use a noueau driver.
Do I need to install a NVIDEA driver?

Hello @nano007 ,Welcome to ask :fedora:!

Did you mean you upgraded or installed over existing?

Like @computersavvy , I have never seen card/chipset specific issues for myself in my limited use of (older) NVidia graphics processors on Fedora Linux using the nouveau driver(s).
I’m assuming the system is a desktop, not laptop as well. So I would be reluctant to blame it specifically on HW since it is obvious the correct driver has been selected with your result from glxinfo.
You could take a look at the realese notes for Fedora Linux 35 to see if anything seems related to your issue. In the meantime try logging in with X instead, that would at least help you in determining if it is Wayland related only or not.