Question about Silverblue

Hello, i have some questions about Silverblue. I love this concept and use flatpak and container to install application. Very good.

But i have question about other repository, for example rpm-fusion or rpm-sphere. Is it possible to install package from this other repositories ? And is it less secure than Silverblue package ? Or is it possible to install rpm package with rpm ostree and keep the same security level ?

Is there any bash completion for rpm-ostree package ?

rpm-ostree just update rpm repositories or rpm and flatpak ?

It is possible to install stuf from other repos, you just have to add the repo. It is just as secure as in a vanilla Fedora installation, but it is discouraged if there is a flatpak alternative or if toolbox is better suited for your specific package. At the moment the only reason I use rpm-fusion is to have codecs (and exfat support which is added in kernel 5.4 anyways).

For adding a remote that rpm-ostree will use you would add it with the following command sudo ostree remote add <name of repo> <repository url>. To use ostree commands root privaleges are required.

No there is not bash completion at that level, rpm-ostree does not provide an easy way to list packages contained in a repo, use ostree remote refs <reponame>. for what it’s worth, I use toolbox and dnf to query the remote for info about packages I’m interested in, and go from there.

Flatpaks are separate from the system they are running on and update with the flatpak update command. The release cycle of each individual app is the responsibility of the maintainer and is distinct and separate from the system (OS). Rpm-ostree is concerned only with the immutable portion of Silverblue, the core OS image plus whatever package(s) you layer. So rpm-ostree update would update your base system and layered packages, but not any of your flatpaks.

While there seems to be some thinking that layering of packages is discouraged, the whole intent of rpm-ostree is to provide that flexibility, otherwise you would only need use ostree since it provides no option for layering.

[EDIT]: It appears I was incorrect about bash completion with rpm-ostree, it does indeed have it. As I use zsh, it doesn’t use the bash completion available, this is something I need to correct.