How to decide the installation method in silverblue?

After a lot of distro hopping I landed on fedora silverblue and I really like it but I’m still unsure how to install which package.

  • I installed most packages from flathub.
  • I installed my development environment in a toolbox.
  • and I overlayed CLI-Tools with rpm-ostree
    and so far it works great!

But for some tools I’m not sure. Syncthing for example. I wanted to install it and looked on the web for help and found three different methods for installation:

  • in a toolbox
  • in a podman container
  • with rpm-ostree

How do I choose the best method? What are the pros and cons? Is there a best practice or a recommended way?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi and welcome to Fedora!

Yes I do it the same as you. Be aware that Toolbox

  1. Uses the same home directory as your user, so your apps will share dotfiles with the apps on your host. I think this is a huge issue, which is why I use Distrobox with this fix:
sudo echo "DBX_CONTAINER_HOME_PREFIX=$HOME/distrobox" >> /etc/distrobox/distrobox.conf
  1. Fedoras system upgrade does not work in podman containers as you cant reboot. This means you should use rolling release distros (Arch, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed), or recreate your container every 13 months

For Syncthing, there are 2 Flatpaks which are both fine. I use Syncthingy.