I'm a bit confused about all the package fomats that exist on Linux

…and wanted to start a short thread about your experiences.
What makes sense, what is possible, what has impact on the stability of your system? I don’t know (I have absolutely no clue), but in the past people often struggle with increased instability when their systems got bigger…


On silverblue I usually take these steps in order. IMO it is “best-to-worst”, but there is no “proper” way to use a system.

  1. Flathub
  2. Fedora repos (I think almost everything here is on Flathub, but just in case.)
  3. Flathub-beta
  4. GNOME Nightly (there are rarely fixes and/or entire applications here and not on Flathub)
    4.5. Podman if applicable. (This does require some background knowledge on containers usually and can often be skipped for the beginner or intermediate user. I just slightly prefer it.)
  5. Toolbox
    5.5 Local binaries/app images (I try to avoid these but if they are well packaged and easy to update I will include them sometimes)
    5.75 Virtual Machines/GNOME Boxes (highly task dependent but can be useful in certain scenarios)
  6. rpm-ostree install ... rpm-ostree has gotten wonderful, but it is still not perfect, and this should always be your last option.

It may seem like a lot, but once you get a workflow going it really isn’t. Work is also always being done to defragment a lot of this and expand flatpaks.