Remotes and repositories in Fedora Silverblue: what are the differences?

Hi all,

What are the differences between theses remotes and repositories

  • Flatpak remotes
  • ostree remotes
  • RPM repositories

And how to handle each type in command line in Fedora Silverblue ?

Note: this topic is related to another:

Careful not to mix Flatpak remotes, ostree remotes and RPM repos as they are different things.

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On your Silverblue system you have software coming from several sources, using various technologies.

  • Applications packaged as Flatpak are fetched from Flatpak remotes and use ostree for storage and ostree or container format for fetching (depending on the remote type).
  • The system is using ostree via rpm-ostree to update from one version to the next and the image content is fetched from ostree remotes.
  • With rpm-ostree, you can overlay additional RPM packages on top of your base image and those packages will be fetched from RPM repositories.