Question about screenshots

HI EVERYBODY! I have a question regarding screenshots! I use FEDORA CINNAMON and when I press the PRINTSCREEN button I have 3 questions!

  1. why is the screenshot not saved to the clipboard?
  2. why is the screenshot itself not saved in a separate screenshots folder, as is done in other assemblies?
  3. why is there no special menu for editing this screenshot?

I would like to correct these 3 points if possible, but the most pressing issue is with point No.1

Which application is being used to take screenshots?

Assuming it is gnome-screenshot, you may want to check here for issues.

I am one of the greatest Screenshot takers and editors in the Universe. So i am highly capable of answering these questions.

With that being said…

  1. While I do not use Cinnamon Desktop, if they are using the new Gnome Screenshot tool called Snapshot, this is a rework of the older gnome-screenshot tool. It does save to the clipboard, so pasting into an application like Inkscape is supported.
  2. Gnome Screenshots are saved in ~/Pictures/Screenshot and you cannot change this in the new application as it is hard coded in to the program. There are many contrived threads on this already.
  3. I personally use Inkscape to edit Screenshots. As is evidence here : Inkscapers & Pathmakers Welcome ! | The Inkscape WaterCooler ✍🏾 - #19 by hamrheadcorvette these are quick edits and easy to use for anyone. There’s also the fantastic tool like Flameshot, but it always breaks with every Gnome Update, so I revert to using Inkscape quick/easy.
  4. If you are using other applications outside of what is provided in Cinnamon, please reply below.

I don’t know exactly what the program for screenshots is called, but I can say that this one is definitely a standard program
and screenshots are created not because of the path you wrote ~/Pictures/Screenshot but in ~/Pictures
and does not save the image to RAM
it saves directly to your hard drive

I need to solve at least this problem! I want to click the screenshot button and immediately paste it into the messenger, for example
and then it is advisable to correct the path to ~/Pictures/Screenshot

OR if it is possible to change this standard program to another (so that the principle of operation is the same (press PRNTSCREEN and the program takes a picture))

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Please check the system settings:

System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > search for “screenshots”.
There you will see the variants of Screenshots you can make even from a Selection and also put it in to the clipboard. You have to click on the kind of screenshot you want to make to see the combination of keys.

You can also use the gnome-screnshot --help command in the terminal to see what is is possible and how to use it from the run command or terminal.

The package name is gnome-screenshot if it has to be installed outside of Cinnamon.

Press Ctlr & Print Screen to add it to the clipbard

if it’s the new tool, it’s called Snapshot. The older tool was gnome-screenshot.

This Topic is tagged with cinnamon. I extra run a live iso to confirm.

I could not find out how the command/package name is from the workstation. Anyway it looks like that there is a built in version where is able to be used from the top right menu:

That is for the webcam … to take pictures or videos.

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System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > search for “screenshots”.

CINNAMON really uses other keys…
thank you, it was so basic it’s a shame…
Now I just need to understand why he doesn’t put screenshots in a separate folder

Create a link to open the tool with gnome-screenshot -i or set a shortcut with this option. This way you get the window popped up as on the gnome desktop. There you have the option to save the file in a specific filename/path.

If you have made it once, the path gets stored in the dconf db and this will be the new folder to store.

If you dont know what packages are included, look at the compose files

Yes, it uses gnome-screenshot