Quick screenshots to clipboard

I previously use the select area screenshot to clipboard shortcut extensively (Ctrl-Shift-Print) to share quick images in chats and development tickets. Is there a way to re-enable this in F36?

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What about this?

  • Press Stamp/Print key
  • Select the area you want to screenshot
  • Press Shift+Enter

The selected area screenshot is now in your clipboard and you can paste it (Ctrl+V) in the desired application.

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I was kind of hoping for one with less steps like:

  1. Ctrl+Shift+Print
  2. Select area
  3. Paste

The current method requires:

  1. Print key
  2. Move preselected area out of the way
  3. Select area
  4. Shift+Enter
  5. Paste
  6. Delete screenshot in screenshots folder (I could possibly do this in bulk periodically)

Step 4 can also be done by clicking on the button on the screenshot popup. Step 2 is not necessary since the highlighted area can just be relocated to the area to be copied.

I see it as

  1. print key
  2. select area
  3. take the shot/image
  4. paste

Cleaning out the screenshots folder is no different than previously except it is now a separate folder under pictures instead of the images being directly in the Pictures folder.

With the way it was before you had to select by key combinations the type of image (area, window, or full screen). Now that is done by clicking on an icon in the screenshot popup.

Step 2 actually depends on use case, I usually take snapshots around the same area but of different sizes so sometimes the last selected area overlaps and has to be moved before making a new selection.

Step 4, either clicking or hitting Shift+Enter is still a step though, the previous one takes a screenshot once the area is selected.

The previous shortcut that I used does not save to the Picture folder, it only puts it on the clipboard.

I’m definitely all for the new screenshot interface but I don’t see any issue with keeping the previous shortcuts behaviours. For me the Ctrl+Shift+Print was perfect so I’m just looking for a way to re-enable this.

Since this was a change in gnome, the discussion needs to be directed to the gnome developers. I don’t keep track of how that might be done. It may be possible for you to add keyboard shortcuts to restore the previous functionality.