Pronoun field change

I have changed the field for personal pronouns to a fixed list of options rather than providing free-form entry. The free form option seems to have been confusing to some people, and others were using it to put in, frankly, silly things. It’s okay to be silly in Fedora, but there are plenty of other places to do it.

We provide a standard place to provide this information for several reasons. First: trans people are welcome here. Fedora is a place for all. Second: we are a global project, and it is not always obvious across cultures if a particular name is traditionally associated with men or women (or not). English is not a strongly-gendered language, but personal pronouns are, and for many people being referred to correctly is important. (Other people don’t care, of course, but… using people’s preferred way to refer to themselves is a way to show respect.)

Since people were using the free-form field in ways other than these reasons, it was not properly serving its intended purpose — so, this change.

You have the option of leaving the field blank if you prefer that. That’s fine. If you prefer terminology not in the necessarily-limited list, you can elaborate on your profile (within, of course, the normal rules for site content).


Thanks for this.

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