Is it time to change the name to the "Fedora Forum"?

Since Ask Fedora and Fedora Discussion are merging, is this the opportunity to change the name of the site to the Fedora Forum? The alliteration is just too good and accurate that I couldn’t leave it off the table!

I know it’s not a high priority at all, but I figure it was worth mentioning since there will be a lot of changes going on at the same time. We can use the new name to highlight that a lot of changes have come and that the site is not exactly the same as it was. Like a grand reopening of sorts. :slight_smile:


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Do you expect the domain name to change as well?

It is indeed quite hard to refer to this place as Fedora Discussion when you are working at a booth. And also, personally, I mistype discussion for discussions all the time.

Fedora Forum would sound much easier and descriptive for me.


That’s going to create some issues with already being a thing.

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Whoa, this is like finding out about a long lost twin.

There are two pieces of historical baggage that I think makes “Fedora Forum” mildly political:

  1. There is already a very old community running a Fedora Forum, as @guiltydoggy pointed out. If we changed the name, we would probably want to do it in consultation with the folks who run that community. If both Forums exist at the same time, I think that will count against us for search engine points.
  2. I feel like we have been careful in distinguishing this Discourse site as something different from a traditional forum. We have wanted to adapt this Discourse forum similar to mailing lists, to make it more inviting for folks who have an email-driven workflow. Calling this the Fedora Forum instead of Fedora Discussion doesn’t change that much, but maybe it pushes us further away from the simple mailing list replacement that we have tried to position Discourse as for the last few years? I could be overthinking this one too.

Oh alriiiiiiight. Thanks for the insight. I thought it might be a little too much to do, but it seems like an even more involved thing, so no need to rock the boat. Thanks for humoring me!

How about just use as the entry point. We still use this to forward for the downloads alias,

I also had quite a lot of confusion in the beginning, discussion or discussions etc.

Just now while the integration process is going on, anyway we should not make big changes in naming. Otherwise we will produce new sources of errors who would just complicate more the whole process.

Maybe we can keep it as discussion but add and as 301 redirects to it?

Or make a primary name?

I will miss the simplicity of Ask name.

How about community? The new discussion.fpo is more than discussions, it’s more that just ask, and it’s not a traditional forum, but whatever the topic is, it will be stimulated by the community.

Personally, I would also like something like bbs for various reasons but that is probably misleading.

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It works this way now, but this will change around Fedora 38 release time:


As I understood this will not change. should bring you into the right section.