Fedora Join is trying a new people focused workflow for newcomers

@FranciscoD requested a review of https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/?p=8223&preview=1&_ppp=0fa8698e28 in mindshare#147.

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Looks good to me. I changed Jen to be first-person with she/her pronouns throughout (there was some mixed usage in person) and scheduled it for publication on Thursday 26 September. I’m open to using first-person they if you’d prefer.

Oh, I also trimmed the first part of the title to make it a little shorter

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No. I trust your judgement with pronouns more than mine.

Do you think it clearly tells the community what we’re trying to do here? That’s my primary worry.

Yes, I think it explains things very well.


@FranciscoD I’m going to move this to Tuesday of next week if that’s okay with you. We have a couple of test day posts to go out later this week.

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Sure! We’re not in a hurry.

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