Project Quick Docs Improvement: Progress report 2023-01-04

As discussed on our meeting today
Summary of our progress in reviewing Quick Docs articles.

final proofreading needed (not necessarily reviewing)
#153 Request: using a Yubikey on Fedora
#111 Write a better “installing software from source”

Review / Info needed
#529 Link to (old) Wiki page “Reset Bootloader Password”

Work in progress (assigned)
#522 Review of older documents: Bootloading with GRUB2
#521 Review of older documents: Finding and installing Linux applications
#133 Adding (Debugging) info to Navigation tool (about troubleshoting)

Open / not assigned yet
#528 Review of older documents: Fedora on Raspberry Pi

Alternative processing
#530 Review of older documents: Anaconda. decided to move to admin tools

Ready for final editing
#533 Review of older documents: How to enable nested virtualization in KVM
#524 Review of older documents: How to Reset the root Password

#525 Review of older documents: How to edit iptables rules
#523 Review of older documents: Setting a key shortcut to run an application in GNOME


I self-assigned #180 Switching desktop environments.
I’m already getting hands-on with Xfce, LXQt and KDE, so I could bridge this together.

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@pboy I can help out with proofreading 153 and 111. EDIT: Proofreading done.

@anthonymcglone Many thanks!

Hi @pboy, this list is super helpful! I think these are great entry points for anyone who wants to get more involved with Fedora and Fedora Docs.

Is it adding too much work to put these into a Community Blog post? It could be written as a call-to-action for contributors in Fedora Quick Docs. If you add some links to the issues and context for how people could help in each of these different stages, my hypothesis is that it would go a long way. We could also sync with the Marketing Team to promote the CommBlog article in our social channels.

I know this is an extra ask, but you already have done the hard work of triaging, so this felt like a natural extension to get more eyes and hands on some of these tasks. What do you think?

Hi @jflory7 , we discussed that 1 or 2 meetings ago, and it is on my to-do list now. Unfortunately, there are a lot of other entries, as well. I hope to be able to put a 1st draft on hackmd in about 2 weeks, so we can discuss and improve it.

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I’m happy to take a look at a draft and share feedback, if helpful!

Maybe this is helpful? A lot of the original quick docs documents were identified using a similar list.

I got a report from Google’s webmaster tools about our search performance last year. This is the list of pages that got the most incoming search traffic (at least 5000 visits). You can see that the top few get a LOT of traffic. There is some “survivor bias” here, of course, but I think it’d be good to make sure we’re converting this visibility to up-to-date docs.

(Also, the second one is — see Issue #525: Review of older documents: How to edit iptables rules - quick-docs -

page clicks
GRUB 2 - Fedora Project Wiki 45784
Using firewalld :: Fedora Docs 37462
Firefox Hardware acceleration - Fedora Project Wiki 28169
Package management system - Fedora Project Wiki 25066
AppImage - Fedora Project Wiki 22078
Wallpapers - Fedora Project Wiki 17777
Architectures/ARM/Raspberry Pi - Fedora Project Wiki 17493
Networking/CLI - Fedora Project Wiki 11973
KDE - Fedora Project Wiki 11144
Visual Studio Code - Fedora Project Wiki 9694
ScreenCasting - Fedora Project Wiki 9659
Using UEFI with QEMU :: Fedora Docs 9469
How to enable touchpad click :: Fedora Docs 9375
Building a custom kernel - Fedora Project Wiki 9203
User Guide - Customizing the Desktop - Fedora Project Wiki 9139
Disk Encryption User Guide - Fedora Project Wiki 9132
How to debug Dracut problems - Fedora Project Wiki 9056
Secureboot - Fedora Project Wiki 8835
AutoUpdates - Fedora Project Wiki 7952
How to debug printing problems - Fedora Project Wiki 7539
Architectures/ARM - Fedora Project Wiki 7379
OpenH264 - Fedora Project Wiki 7336
Using the DNF software package manager :: Fedora Docs 6877
EPEL/ja - Fedora Project Wiki 6573
Test Results:Fedora 38 Branched 20230222.n.0 Desktop - Fedora Project Wiki 6373
OpenVPN - Fedora Project Wiki 6070
Xfce - Fedora Project Wiki 6061
FedoraLiveCD - Fedora Project Wiki 6007
Using Mock to test package builds - Fedora Project Wiki 5928
Differences to Ubuntu - Fedora Project Wiki 5693
How to uninstall Fedora - Fedora Project Wiki 5543
Anaconda - Fedora Project Wiki 5541
Infrastructure/Mirroring - Fedora Project Wiki 5237
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