Project Quick Docs improvement: The first bunch of tickets for review

As discussed I’ve created a bunch of tickets for review of the oldest articles according to the article list created by @anthonymcglone :

#521 Review of older documents: Finding and installing Linux applications
#522 Review of older documents: Bootloading with GRUB2
#523 Review of older documents: Setting a key shortcut to run an application in GNOME
#524 Review of older documents: How to Reset the root Password
#525 Review of older documents: How to edit iptables rules

At the same time I’ve processed or closed some PR’s and older issues.

We should try to get this done in the next 2 - 3 weeks. Please, assign the ticket to yourself when you start working on one.

At the next meeting, we should set aside a topic for a brief interim review and to discuss any ambiguities. Of course, we can discuss in this thread, too :slight_smile:


I took on #521 to review and update. I aim to share a skeleton draft/ideas on the next Docs meeting. Forked/cloned the repo for me to write at my pace off-line.

I would like to discuss today as part of topic “QD update” whether it is useful to use partials here.

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