Docs site metrics - Google Analytics

It took a while to get back on this topic “the list of pages that got the most incoming search traffic”.

Do we have analytics on docs-fp-o related metrics and how to extract the information on a regular basis?

Docs team want to prioritize efforts on QuickDocs and other user documentation based on site metrics and performance by pages and repos that help Docs team work on top performing 20 to 50 pages.

I can set up google’s search analytics – these aren’t anything running on our site, but a report from Google’s side. We used to have some basic web-log analysis running but no one was using it so that got turned off. Fedora Infrastructure could probably do something.

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That’ll be massively helpful for Docs team’s priority. Thanks.

i posted an issue ticket to infra team. I would wait for their response first.

Oh, I actually have the Google analytics set up already. Send me the google account name for anyone who wants to be added to look at it…

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Sounds good. my Google ID is

atm, @pboy is interested to get that data as well.

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My Google Account is

It would be also helpful , to have a reference metrics for docs.f-p-o, e.g. getfedora.

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@mattdm Hi Matthew, TGIF :slight_smile: - could you help with GA set up for me and Peter? Muchas gracias.

@py0xc3 Hallo, can you please split this thread with your super power?
A title can be like ‘Docs site metrics - Google Analytics’ but it is up to you for searchability perspective.

With the GA setup, we can track key metrics and see what progress needs to be monitored and acted. Danke.

@hankuoffroad Done :slight_smile: Please cross-check if I moved all related posts. Let me know if I missed one or so :slight_smile:

I have to regenerate my superpowers now, see you later :smile:

Yep, done. Sorry for the delay!

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Thanks. What is tag manager account for Fedora?

I recall I need to set up dashboards and configure property to connect data. Due to other account linked to my Google account, I don’t see Fedora web traffic data coming through as a default.

I think that if you go to, you should now see several fedora sites (,, and in the drop-down at the top left.

I don’t know what “tag manager account” is in this context…

Ok, done.

  • Select property type “URL prefix”
  • Enter URL and press “Enter”
  • Scroll down on Other verification methods and select “Google Analytics”
  • Auto verified message is shown

Last 3 month search performance data: 29 Jan - 28 April 2023

  • Site: Docs home page
  • Source: Google Search Console
  • How to view result: On left pane, click performance tab, go to search results and press Queries/ (Optional) select CTR (Click through rate)
  • Purpose: Prioritize articles to review regularly (regardless of issue ticket)
  • Proposal: Regular review of QuickDocs articles based on popularity
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Here is a couple of site stats from Google Search Console.
Reporting period: Last 3 month search performance data: 26 Feb - 25 May 2023

Top 20 search queries

Top queries Clicks Impressions CTR Position
fedora 38 31068 98726 31.47% 2.07
epel 5978 26078 22.92% 1.33
fedora upgrade 3719 5838 63.7% 1.03
spotify fedora 2189 3247 67.42% 1.02
dnf 2184 160119 1.36% 4.1
fedora 39 2103 4648 45.25% 1.08
fedora update 2023 4421 45.76% 1.11
firewall-cmd add port 1893 7181 26.36% 1.59
dnf update 1735 6903 25.13% 1.74
upgrade fedora 1644 2600 63.23% 1
fedora codecs 1616 2497 64.72% 1.06
update fedora 1602 3025 52.96% 1.01
fedora 38 upgrade 1576 2929 53.81% 1.23
virtio drivers 1542 9953 15.49% 2.02
epel repo 1466 3284 44.64% 1.08
fedora rpm fusion 1354 2108 64.23% 1.27
fedora rawhide 1325 3912 33.87% 1.19
fedora package manager 1264 5734 22.04% 2.14
upgrade fedora 37 to 38 1260 3235 38.95% 1.9

Top 20 pages viewed

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