Problem with using the Alternative iso for installation of F39

I can set all options except the software source??

Downloaded the alternative iso and burnt to a cd.

On the Installation Summary screen, I have been able to through all options but not the Software/Installation Source. And because of this issue, cannot proceed to Software Selection.

Anyway, in the Installation Source, I select Auto-detect installation media, the cd rom is still in the bay, and I press Verify button and I get the
This media is good to install from.

But I still get the “Failed to setup up installation sources, check the configurations” message.

What can I do with this Auto-detect to make this proceed?



Network installation requires downloading the metadata and building the package index which may take a while depending on your connection speed and overall system performance.

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I guess there is a network install option. But the option I saw was downloading the 700MB version of Fedora which I did. Burnt to a cd rom and now trying to install F39 from this “alt” fedora iso which seems to be buggy.

This matches the size of the netinstall image, while offline images are about 3 times larger.

If anyone can assist with this, pls do. I am dead in the water and need to get F39 installed asap.

Not sure what this means.
All the basic necessary files should be on the cd rom that I am installing from.

I have even set the network id to connect to.

But this “alt” installation cd will not let me select the location of the iso file on the cd???
Therefore I cant install a thing.

The installer verifies the CD rom fine. But wont let me select the cd as the source for the iso.

As an alternative where are the url for mirror “network” install?

Attached below are two screen shots that show the problem.

This looks like a netinstall image that requires Internet connectivity, but you seem to have some network or driver problem, so consider using other images that are designed for offline installation.

It would have been helpful to specify the exact file name of the downloaded iso file. But with 700 megabyte this can only be the Network Install iso, which means that none of the packages you want to install are on the CD. I would expect that the default choice would be Network from closest mirror. The name of the network iso is Fedora-Everything-netinst-x86_64-39-1.5.iso.

If your computer don’t have good network connection, you would be better of with the Workstation iso or one of the spins of your choice.

Not true. I have setup my wlan credentials on the Network tab and installer shows network is connected and has an IP address.

I enter the mirror site for fedora and it downloads rpms and software.
Installs the software (i think).
It did mention that it was installing the boot drive also.

It eventually reboots to the hard drive just to yet another issue and error.
A grub error! shown in attachment.

This is becoming a marathon event…

Network was setup to my wlan and logged in. It will be a pain to try to select all the packages I had before, but I dont mind trying. No choice now anyway.

I was able to enter closest mirror. It started downloading and installing all the packages including the /boot drive.

However, after an hour or so of downloading and installing packages, it just reboots to a grub error. Screen shot of grub error (which really wont mean much but included anyway) in same thread.

fedora 39 installs? to a grub error

It might help if you post the results of ls from the grub rescue prompt.

Is this being setup as a dual or single boot machine?

This is dual boot machine. Windows has always been on sda and fedora has always been on sda2.

Screenshots From the grub prompt and followed by the partitions of the two disks BEFORE this fedora 39 full install instead of an upgrade.
I had selected Auto partitions for this full F39 install although I think i’d like to setup around 50+G for the root partition and the rest for the /home partition.

Can you boot into a recovery environment and post the results of lsblk and sudo fdisk -l

Depending on what’s on the machine and how much time you have it may be quicker to backup your files and reinstall fedora/windows.

I was really hoping to avoid that since I was hoping to keep my /home partition and avoid re-compiling many libraries.

But yes, seems like this install from the “alt” iso is problematic. Dont have a choice now. I will have to do a fresh install from the full fledged F39 iso.

So I have given up on this “Alt” iso install method as this seems to be buggy.
Finally installed but killed my grub and boot setup where disk 1 had windows and disk2 had fedora. For many years of daily use.
I will have to completely delete both drives and re-install Fedora first. Windows might be lost…damn shame.