Printer does not print until after reboot

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I have a strange problem with my printer. When I tell it to print, apparently nothing happens, but after I reboot my machine the jobs print. I have to reboot again if I want to print more jobs.
My fedora version is 36, the printer is a brother DCP-L2550DW. This has been going on a long time, I think it started after I upgraded to fedora 34 but I don’t remember for sure.
I also can’t get the printer to act as a scanner at all, I don;t know if the problems are related or not, probably not. The printer/scanner works fine on my old machine which I think is fedora 32.

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Are you using a proprietary driver?
A quick search for the linux driver for that printer gives this as the first link.

The printer is AirPrint and Mopria compliant, which means you can use the CUPS ipp-everywhere driver.

To set up, run a command similar to this

lpadmin -p myprinter -E -v ipp://myprinter.local/ipp/print -m everywhere

For further information, run man lpadmin, from where the above example is taken. Also Google search for cups ipp everywhere.