Pop! OS style graphics switcher(Nvidia/Intel)

Has anyone been able to get the Pop! OS style graphics switcher to work on Fedora. Bumblebee seems to not be working anymore on my XPS 9560 since moving to fedora 30. Would love to be able to just boot into one or the other like POP! OS does.


How did you set up Bumblebee? Was it these directions?

Could always set up two different GRUB entries, one blacklisting nouveau, the other blacklisting nvidia proprietary.

Same directions but found it on a different site. I installed fedora 30 a few days before release. WIll down the official iso and try a fresh install from those directions tonight.

Thank you, Running perfect now.

On fedora 29 I was able to disable nvidia-fallback, but on fedora 30 I have to mask nvidia-fallback. Seems something else must have depended on it and be forcing it to start.

Thanks again.