Plugging/unplugging my headphones locks volume control

I’m not sure what information will be helpful, but when I unplug my headset my volume becomes stuck at that level. I can’t raise or lower volume for the speaker or microphone afterward. Also, plugging the set back in doesn’t give me access to volume control - it remains stuck. This is true whether using the volume buttons, the slider from the top bar widget, or opening the settings and trying the sliders there.

The details of my machine:

Lenovo IdeaPad FLEX-14API
AMD® Ryzen 7 3700u with radeon vega mobile gfx × 8
Fedora 33 (Workstation Edition)
Gnome Version: 3.38.5

Currently, my only solution is a full reboot. If there’s no good solution, is it possible just to reset whatever is getting locked up with sound control?



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Did you check on the Lenovo page in the forum too? They also have a Linux section there.
Please check if you have newest Bios Firmware installed.

Alternative would be to check with an Live iso if you have same problems with an older kernel. If not you could downgrade the kernel.

In the next fiew days will be released F34 with improvements on sound management. Probably would be a good idea to check this live iso too.

There is a command where you can run to check what happens when you connect disconnect an USB device, to see what happens. Unfortunatly i don’t remember it. I saw it in a other topic while someone debugged an USB device problem.

Thanks for the advice. It looks like I’m up-to-date with my firmware. I should have mentioned, this is through my headphone jack, not USB. Is there still a way to debug?

I am having the same problem too. I also have a Lenovo IdeaPad FLEX-14API.

Been using fedora since 32, but it seems like it just recently happened.

Can you while booting select an other kernel version (press esc)? To narrow down since when it has changed.

Edit: nevermind. I rushed to judgment. It is locked again.

Hey, thanks for your input! I had two Fedora 33 and one Fedora 32 option in the boot menu. I chose the second Fedora 33 and so far it seems to be working. I’ve unplugged and replugged a few times and can’t get it to lock the volume.

Is this a bug to report to a different linux admin team? Thanks again!

@jbradway here are the procedures:

Ask fedora guidelines - Fedora Project Wiki


  • File bugs in bugzilla

This is something I have started to notice myself on later updates to F33 and now seeing in F34. It seems kind of curt, but opening a bug at this point is probably the best route and being patient as I feel this release is going to have a lot of bugs to work out initially.

Having two fedora 33 and one fedora 32 options in the boot menu and selecting the second does not tell us anything. I have 5 different kernel versions available for boot from the menu, so if I told you I booted from the 3rd choice how can you infer which kernel I actually used…

Each entry should identify the kernel related and this may be kernel or sound driver related so the needed info would include versions of all related software. Gnome, kernel, pulse, jack, alsa, sound app being used, etc. would all be helpful, and should be provided if you submit a bug report.

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Thanks so much for your response. It appears this bug has already been filed: 1948950 – cannot adjust volume on a laptop speaker

There are a few differences, however. Should I add my details in the comments to this bug rather than opening a new one?

Thanks again!

If the bug references similar problems with the same hardware/software then adding additional information is the correct approach. The developers need that info.