Please keep using Ask Fedora for help and support until the merge is complete

It looks like a lot of people[1] are coming to Fedora Discussion for user help before we’re set up for that, probably because I wasn’t clear enough in my messages about the in progress merge. I appreciate the enthusiasm — and apologize for the confusion — but please keep using Ask in English, Ask in Other Languages, and Common Issues over there. We will move everything in bulk later.

I am temporarily going to restrict new accounts from starting new threads in :category_project: Project Discussion. That section is meant for Fedora contributor teams to coordinate their effort, not for general help and questions. (Replies will still be open to all!)

Other categories like :category_fun: The Water Cooler and :category_help: Site Help & Feedback will remain unrestricted. And, because we want it to be easy to join Fedora as a contributor and project member, I plan to lift this limitation once the merge is complete.[2]

Again, sorry for the confusion!

  1. I mean, enough more than before that I had to pause and think “what’s going on all of the sudden? … oh… this is my fault!” ↩︎

  2. At that point, it’ll be trivial to move posts that land in the wrong place. But right now, the only real option is to tell people as nicely as possible that they’re doing it wrong, and that’s not a great first experience (and a lot of moderator effort). ↩︎


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