Temporary rules for user questions on this site

I’m at FOSDEM so I don’t have mental bandwidth to write a nice pretty post like Please keep using Ask Fedora for help and support until the merge is complete - Fedora Discussion, but I will when I have a chance…

I’m still seeing a lot of end-user questions coming in here. I mean, not hundreds, but still, not none. And it’s taking CDCK longer than predicted to do the merge. Rather than fight, I’ve enabled the Ask Fedora tag for Project Discussion. Moderators and TL3+ users, if you see posts like that, please add the Ask Fedora tag. Then, when the merge is complete, I will bulk-move them. [1]

  1. If you are feeling bored or ambitious, it wouldn’t hurt to add this to posts going back in time too in workstation, silverblue, etc. tags. ↩︎


As the merge is now complete, this is irrelevant. But leaving it here for history. :classic_smiley: