PinePhone, Fedora on Mobile

I do not have the device myself, althought I’d really like to get one with a physical keyboard and make a (fedora?) PDA out of it.

Assembling a custom image is not that hard, but I never built my own boot image from scratch (I installed standard silverblue then rebased on my stream). My definition - which I do not use anymore - lives on sourcehut:

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This could be really awesome to have Silverblue or at least Fedora on a mobile phone, but I’m afraid the hardware of the PinePhone isn’t be enough for most of people (RAM, Camera quality…). Do you known if it’s possible to install Phosh + Silverblue/Fedora on other phone ? ( may be with UBPorts efforts, as FairPhone, OnePlus One, Nexus5 … )

I’ve only been part of the PinePhone effort so far. Not sure how it could work with other phones. PinePhone is easier because it uses a majority of the same hardware as their SBC and PineBook computer.

Silverblue is my personal goal eventually to have on here. But it will require some uboot and kernel support which is being worked on.


I’m using Fedora IoT, similar to Silverblue except no gnome, only minimal image. After did a small change on u-boot, I now have a working env. with Eth via USB hub to install software packages. I had tried to install weston(wayland), it was working fine. So IMO you can just try IoT as base, connect to network and install graphic on top of it then tweak. For custom kernel, just fork kernel repo from, adding custom patches, using rpm-ostree to overwrite default one.

I wonder what is the status of PinePhone here

Hello @sdao,
Welcome to the community! Thanks for the tips on installing Fedora IoT. How do you like it?

You mean Fedora IoT? Overall is good except the boot time, 50s to login prompt (non graphic mode).

Since it has not yet been linked here: GitHub - nikhiljha/pp-fedora-sdsetup: PinePhone Fedora Image Generation Script

Scripts for creating an unofficial Fedora image for PinePhone. Also a release image for those that just want to test a prebuilt from the scripts.