Any experience building custom linux kernel?

I’m interested in building a custom kernel for Fedora Silverblue. However, I am not able to find any decent resources that consider this situation and explain how things change due to the way Silverblue works with the boot loader and all.

Has anyone tried building a custom kernel? Do you have any pointers, documentation, etc.?

Are you rebuilding just the kernel or do you want to change other fundamental things?

The Fedora Silverblue kernel is the same as the rest of Fedora. So building it the same way should work. Re. the bootloader, there’s nothing special other than (1) making sure you’re using a supported bootloader (grub2, uboot, syslinux, or anything that supports BLS), and (2) keeping /boot a separate partition. For information on boot integration, one resource is though you’ll probably want to look directly at how things are wired in Silverblue (or Fedora CoreOS) too as a practical example.

I’ll explain my primary intention. Hopefully that gives you all the information you need.

I would like to build a vanilla kernel with mostly the same configuration as Fedora, with most tweaks mostly being disabling stuff I really don’t need. (Drivers etc.) Why I’d need to build a kernel is the BMQ scheduler patches.

On a regular Fedora installation, I would simply build and then install using sudo make install. However, on Silverblue, I wanted to check first to be sure before messing up the system. :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look at the ostree link you posted. Thanks!