Pinephone and Pinephone Pro

Sharing some pictures I was able to quick grab with an old android phone of the Pinephone pro running a community built image of fedora (built using the instructions here GitHub - martinezjavier/fedora-mobility-playground: Playground to build Fedora images for mobile devices)
The other is one of my daily driver Pinephones (the 3gb version) also running fedora community built image from here GitHub - nikhiljha/pp-fedora-sdsetup: PinePhone Fedora Image Generation Script

How I daily drive:
My sms/calls goes through which means my sms is actually an xmpp account which works amazingly with the same sms program Chatty.
For calls I’d normally use SIP through Calls but audio has been having trouble routing lately so I’ve been taking calls on my computer using my xmpp account in a web app.
I like to use Tootle for mastodon or sometimes if I’m patient I’ll use Epiphany (GNOME Web).
For car rides my kids like when I play music through FreeTube or Shortwave from flathub.


This is pretty cool! Congrats on the successful build. It sounds like its a little clunky but its cool to run the OS you want everywhere.


I had no idea Linux on phones had gone this far. I’m going to seriously give it a try now! Thank you for sharing this!

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We have a fedora matrix chat here: You're invited to talk on Matrix

The mobile sig and many others in the community have really worked hard to get where we are today. But still a good ways to go :slight_smile:

Amazing stuff!! So you use a pinephone as a daily driver but a pinephone pro to play around with?

I’ve had Pinephones for much longer and the software is a lot more stable. I’ve been daily driving for quite some time on that. I actually shift between 2 pinephones for daily driving. One having the keyboard attachment and the other not.

The pro right now is not usable for a daily driver. The battery life is really quite bad :sweat_smile:… not sure if it is just me but mine constantly says it is plugged in too (you can see in the screenshot the icon).
But it is getting there! Everything is significantly more snappy on there and more enjoyable than the original pinephone so I hope it can progress quicker.
Using fractal from gnome nightly is really showing to be a decent experience on it.

What xmpp server do you use to make calls? I’m using jabberd, and that didn’t seem to work. Maybe I’m missing a config. And is a bridge between sms and xmpp? US just passed a law requiring registering a telco number to send SMS from internet. Ah I see it is a VOIP service using XMPP, and yes you do have to register a number. Cool.

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With there is a cheogram bot that you interact with for settings. You can tell it to route calls through your jabber xmpp account or through sip. So I flip flop depending on if I am home and can use jabber on a PC or if I need SIP in Calls on the go (which is rare these days).
It took me a bit to figure out how to route the calls thing because it defaulted to jabber even though I wanted SIP heh.

@torbuntu You’re using Phosh it appears from your screenshot above? How does running the new gesture-enabled 0.20 beta release work on the Pro? Just watched this video (with postmarketOS though Phosh 0.20 Beta 1 on a PinePhone - YouTube).


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Haven’t been able to try it just yet. We need a compat version of wlroots0.15 with some patches to build the beta against but it isn’t available yet.

The patches were merged to the latest version of wlroots so I just finished testing and am building now in fedora the latest beta for phoc/phosh.
It is very awesome! No longer constantly popping up the application menu trying to hit “Space” is really nice. And it feels so much better pulling down the quick menu from the top as well.

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Wow this is great news! Need to get a PinePhone to try this myself, too!

Look at what onuralp just showed me today!

Final version of 0.20 is out we were discussing above!

And check out the already-in-testing improvements for 0.30 :wink:

So far so good :slight_smile:

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Very nice! Just happened on your copr as I was trying to test it out :slight_smile:

Ah yes :slight_smile: though do be warned that is specifically for testing packages before I push them to fedora main.

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Fedora 37 running Phosh 0.20 w/ Gnome 43 responsive apps (in Boxes VM). Crazy how far mainline workstation has come. :slight_smile:

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