Partition tips for a new Silverblue installation with two disks

I want to install Fedora 34 from scratch on my desktop PC to take advantage of BTRFS filesystem. I’m quite inclined to install Silverblue, as on my laptop. I have a question: as my PC has 2 disks, how to manage partitions?

I have one SSD disk of 250 GB and one regular disk of 1 TB. It’s a lot of space.
I think I’ll use the SSD disk for the root / and the regular disk for /var/home only.
Root will contain the operating system, the flatpak apps and HTML resources in /var/www.

The docs recommend automatic partitioning. I don’t know how the installer behaves when two disks are detected. I’ll let you know.

I’ve read here that /var/home is an accepted mount in Silverblue. If I have to use manual partitioning, it should work fine.

I’d be happy to hear any tip on this matter.
Thanks in advance

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For multi-disk setup, automatic storage layout for btrfs will create a multi-disk btrfs file system, which is not what you want.

I suggest you to use Advanced (blivet-gui) to to make sure you are:

  1. Create EFI, boot and one btrfs partition in your SSD
  • create the rootfs subvol from that btrfs mount as “/”.
  1. Create another btrfs partition on your HDD
  • create a subvol and mounted it as “/var/home”

Similar you can create more subvols from SDD and HDD and mount them. In this way, you have full control which mount point will use which disk.

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