Own page for Fedora Linux

Make own page for Fedora Linux e.g. fedoraproject.org/fedoralinux.

I mean fedoraproject.org is the website of the project/manufacturer, like mozilla.org is for Mozilla and microsoft.com is for Microsoft, and we have lack of dedicated page for Fedora Linux, like mozilla.org/firefox is for Firefox and microsoft.com/windows is for Windows. Before we had getfedora.org.

This is necessary when you want link specifically to Fedora Linux. One example is the infobox of Wikipedia’s article of Fedora Linux.

Actually, fedoraproject.org is about the distro itself. I’m not sure what the best URL for the community/project/manufacturer would be.

Could always pull a POSIX compliance move and make a fedoraproject.org/fedora virtual directory that is a symlink to the document root for fedoraproject.org :smile:

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Suppose we were to create a fpo/fedora or fpo/fedoralinux page, what should go in there? What should be moved there from the existing subpages, what should stay?

I think that you want a corporate main page, and that’s the part you don’t get, The Fedora Project isn’t a corporation neither a company, we are a community. The best comparison you can try is with debian and ArchLinux

  • The Debian main site is a 2 panes site where you can select if you want to see the OS or to look for the community. That works for them because of the way the website is indexed and created (is mainly composed of .pl files)
  • The ArchLinux main site is basically a wiki main page. That works fir them because their strogest feature is their wiki, I think everyone that have worked with linux at least 2 years, have read at least ona wiki page from ArchLinux’s wiki.

In our case, the main site makes a lot of sense because:

  • We have a site in our main domain (the famous fpo [fedoraproject.org]) that wasn’t being used but to index subdomains, the previous mainsite was getfedora.org, and IIRC fpo redirected to our wiki.
  • It’s one step forward in moving out from the wiki, or at least to try to make it usable again (with an specific purpose).
  • It’s hell of a desing, Yay! design-team!

I respected your opinion, but in mine, we don’t need a new site, again, we aren’t a company or a foundation like mozilla or microsoft, we are a community, and instead of copying examples, we can be, and we should point to be, the example for other communities.

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Agree with this, the key distinction is company with lots of projects under their belt vs a dedicated community-focused project.

All the links/info one should need are available from the landing page, so another layer of indirection would add more work with little to no benefit.