Just one small suggestion/request for fedoraproject.org

Hi all,

First of all, congratulations for another successful Fedora new version, the upgrade was pretty uneventful (aside from Nvidia driver that had to be reinstalled). Also, the new fedoraproject.org homepage is amazing, and a much needed overhaul :clap: :clap: :clap: All in all, a big win, kudos to all involved!

There is just one small thing I missed (maybe it is already there and I just overlooked it): the page is totally focused on upgrades from images, I had to google for “fedora dnf system upgrade” to recall how to do it. IMHO it wouldn’t hurt having a “Upgrading using DNF?” link somewhere on the main page :wink:


Great idea and intuitive!

I open a ticket here to link QuickDocs how-to guide on system upgrade.


That link is already available under Help → User Guides. We cannot put every link directly on the front page. There are too many. People will have to figure out how to navigate the categories.

Edit: My guess is that you missed it because you were specifically looking for “DNF”. The link is labeled “Upgrading Fedora Linux”. We could change that to something like “Upgrading Fedora Linux using DNF” if you think that would help. I’m not sure if the typical user would be looking for that though.


Thanks @glb , indeed I had missed that. Still, I just searched for the word “upgrade” on the homepage, and there is no upfront reference to it. IMHO it is kind of “buried”. I agree that putting every link on the homepage is neither practical nor desirable, but I believe having at least one reference to upgrades (aside from installs) wouldn’t hurt.

Since the Help → User Guides link is labeled simply “Upgrading Fedora Linux”, maybe it would be just a matter of putting this also on the homepage, no explicit reference to DNF (eg. “Upgrading Fedora Linux?”)

Anyway, I know this is really subjective, and this is not a major issue. Just giving my $0.02 :wink:

Maybe the search needs some tweeking to “find” it.

I’d hope Fedora users are aware of Docs and don’t go to the home page to look for upgrade instructions. But even if they’re not, users are generally familiar with the idea of a support/help site that is separate from the more marketing-oriented product site. You wouldn’t go to microsoft.com expecting to see a front page link to Windows upgrade instructions. So I think the links under the Help menu are more than fine.

Magazine posts around releases also always link to the upgrading docs. Maybe there are other ways to increase awareness of Docs (e.g. including a desktop file in Workstation that links to Docs).

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That’s a fair point, and indeed the instructions are just one search away. That’s really not a big deal.

Having said that, I am not sure the comparison with microsoft.com is fair, though. The Get WIndows 11 page does have an explicit reference to upgrades from WIndows 10.

I guess my point is: since Fedora’s homepage is advertising the latest version, it wouldn’t hurt to at least mention upgrades along with new installs. But, again, that is really not a problem, I am totally fine with searching for the documentation whenever a new version comes out.

Please let me know if I should close this as “solved”.

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I mentioned the idea of adding a “Already on Fedora Linux? Here’s how you can upgrade.” section to the front page in the ticket Hank created. We can leave this open until people on the websites team get around to providing their feedback. (It may be a while. Right now there is some high-priority focus on trimming excessive javascript from the pages and rewriting the menu system to work in CSS.) It’s not a terrible idea. But at the same time, we do want to keep the theme of the main page “focused”.


Sounds good to me :+1: No rush, we have until F39 to come up with a proposal :wink: