Creating a “Why run Linux” info sheet hosted by Fedora

I am aware of ongoing redesigns of both the Fedora landing page and the docs system, but I’ve been thinking about another piece of information we should focus on that could be related to either or be its own separate thing.

There’s a lot of good information on what Fedora is and what makes Fedora a distribution someone would choose to run, but I don’t think we have a good landing page or a doc, flyer or infographic to share with people who have no idea what Linux is, that also guides them to Fedora itself (usually all the Linux introductions focus on multiple distributions or something like Ubuntu). This way we get to have a wider scope of outreach towards people who don’t know what Linux and open source is all about, while also it being a promotion for Fedora itself.

And we already have information for all of this scattered around, I am only proposing a dedicated page, perhaps linked to the homepage, that is shareable and approachable to potential new users, highlighting the brief history and benefits of FOSS and how Fedora is a notable project that’s built on these values.


I understand what you’re saying and I agree with a great part of it, but having a static page with that info doesn’t feel functional. Maybe we can ask for a remodelation or improving of the main Fedora project docs site (I mean the one that describe fedora’s project, not the main docs site).


I feel it’d be better to integrate this into the main download site. Like when you download Fedora, it shows you the great things about linux and open source on the side as you scroll. Having a dedicated page for, as @x3mboy said, doesn’t feel very functional.

I love the idea of this and it would be a great resource to help people get introduced to Linux while also reducing the choice paralysis that results from the all the distros that are out there. It’s possible that one of the first things a potential Linux convert would do in their research would be visit the websites of distros directly. It may be an easier process for them to go from ‘interested in Linux’ to ‘understanding the idea of Linux’ to ‘let me use the distro provided by the people who taught me about Linux’.

Maybe the best implementation is a wiki or docs article, meaning that the community could update and account for different scenarios that someone might run into. Then that article could be linked somewhere on the If the initiative gets that far, then we can look at lifting information from that article and turning it into something more elaborate or eye-catching to live as a more integrated webpage from a design standpoint.