Out of date package on Silverblue

According to Fedora packages youtuble-dl was updated 5 days ago to version youtube-dl-2020.03.24-1.fc32. See https://apps.fedoraproject.org/packages/youtube-dl/
I did notice the update recently on my Silverblue system but then it seems to have been reverted. Currently I have:

$ rpm -q youtube-dl

youtube-dl-2020.03.01-1.fc32.noarch is broken.

Where should I log this as an issue?

youtube-dl-2020.03.24-1.fc32 is still in testing. The reason you probably got the package before and then it reverted is because during Fedora’s development cycle the updates-testing repo is enabled until a few weeks before the GA release. So previously on your f32 silverblue system the updates-testing repo was enabled and it got the newer version of youtube-dl. After the fedora-repos package in f32 was changed to disable the updates-testing repo by default then the rpm-ostree transaction doesn’t see the newer youtube-dl as an option.

If you’d like you can re-enable the updates-testing repo by editing the /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-updates-testing.repo file and changing enabled=1 for the updates-testing config entry. You’d probably want to change this back after the newer package makes it to stable.

Please do add positive karma to the new bodhi update so it will go to stable as soon as the Fedora 32 repos are unfrozen.


Thank you Dusty,

I should have noticed it was in testing.