Stuck on 39.20231205.0

It has been a few days since I received an update for Silverblue, yesterday I noticed a 6.6.4 kernel got pushed to stable, so I thought maybe the repository mirrors are not synced yet, but it has been quite some time now and I am almost positive I am stuck on 39.20231205.0 deployment.

State: idle
● fedora:fedora/39/x86_64/silverblue
                  Version: 39.20231205.0 (2023-12-05T00:55:28Z)
               BaseCommit: ae1afb462f69a9170bdfa24ef9fc3059b2366480c4fbcfac2a15c0fc65487d8a
             GPGSignature: Valid signature by E8F23996F23218640CB44CBE75CF5AC418B8E74C
          LayeredPackages: intel-media-driver langpacks-cs steam-devices
            LocalPackages: rpmfusion-free-release-39-1.noarch

I tried issuing rpm-ostree cleanup and refreshing the repos with both GUI and CLI but yet nothing helped. Also there is this singular package I cannot update. I can update it through the Gnome software and when I reboot the update is still available. This does not happen through the CLI, it just reports as no updates available.

Please help. I am at a loss.

Latest Silverblue update for me is still on kernel 6.6.3-200.fc39

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Likewise. Think this is a case of it says there’s no updates because there are no updates.

I wouldn’t call 4 days “quite some time now” personally, but if you’re desperate to have the absolute latest then you could probably rebase to the nightly 39 image but I would probably recommend not to.

EDIT: Better late than never, but as proven later in the thread this was wrong!

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My apologies then. I thought that I am stuck because I have just been looking at this page and figured that my rpm-ostree can’t see the new update… Overview - rpms/kernel - Looking at Quay now I can really see that last update was 4 days ago. Thank you for clarification. :laughing:

Looking Quay there are nightly images available, but I wouldn’t recommend it :smile:

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I opened an issue for this:


Ah seems I was wrong! Thanks :smile: