Ordinal indicator not working on Silverblue flatpaks

Hi - I am a Brazilian lawyer and recently I’ve installed Silverblue in order to test and see if it is suitable for my law firm.

Aside some packages I had to layer, everything seemed pretty stable and snappy, but I am having an weird problem: I cannot type the masculine ordinal indicator (º) in any Flatpak app, including Libreoffice.

In Brazilian standard keyboard layout (ABNT2), that is usually done by typing AltGr + ] keys.

That seems a minor issue, but it is very irritating as there are several uses of it such as May 1th (1º de maio), Exm.ª (Your Excellency), et caterva.

Such problem does not happen with native or layered apps, such as Firefox.

In our Brazilian community, some fellows confirmed that bug. Btw, I am also an Arch user and that does not occur on Flatpak apps there; so it seems to be a Silverblue bug.

Just for reference: Ordinal indicator - Wikipedia . Even though it looks similar, ° (degree sign) is different.

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What Fedora version are you on? Where do the flatpaks come from, Flathub or the Fedora Flatpak repo?

Is this the only key that does not work?

It may be keyboard layout or some input method issue

As noted at the beginning of their post … Silverblue

Release version then XD

I am using Fedora Silverblue 40.

I use brasilian Keyboard and I can confirm on the Workstation it works as described!

What does your localectl show you in silverblue?
Mine is:

 $ localectl
System Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8
    VC Keymap: us
   X11 Layout: us

And my layout:

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Added f40, keyboard

On Silverblue 40, I have only these:

pedro@mope-silverblue:~$ localectl
System Locale: LANG=pt_BR.UTF-8
VC Keymap: br
X11 Layout: br
X11 Model: pc105