Only partial git installation in Silverblue?

I was surprised to actually see that git is already pre-installed in Fedora Silverblue.

So far, so good, I thought.

However, I’d like to store my git passwords in GNOME Keyring, which is BTW especially useful for Fedora Silverblue as flatpak apps cannot access the keying without special permissions AFAIK. However you need the git-credential-libsecret helper of git for this and Fedora Workstation (or actually the git rpm package) already thankfully provides a pre-compiled version under /usr/libexec/git-core/git-credential-libsecret.

This file did not exist in Fedora Silverblue by default.

I could solve this by just layering the “default” git rpm package above like this…:

rpm-ostree install git
Checking out tree 751d21e... done
Enabled rpm-md repositories: updates fedora-cisco-openh264 fedora
Updating metadata for 'updates'... done
rpm-md repo 'updates'; generated: 2019-07-07T00:45:01Z
Importing rpm-md... done
Resolving dependencies... done
Will download: 5 packages (2,7 MB)
Downloading from 'fedora'... done
Importing packages... done
Checking out packages... done
Running pre scripts... done
Running post scripts... done
Running posttrans scripts... done
Writing rpmdb... done
Writing OSTree commit... done
Staging deployment... done
Freed: 45,6 MB (pkgcache branches: 0)
  libnice 0.1.16-4.fc30 -> 0.1.16-5.fc30
Run "systemctl reboot" to start a reboot

But I wonder whether this is intentional?

Also the rpm-ostree output looks like a fresh layering of git (apart from that libnice lib :thinking:?), so it seems no package has been installed before in the base image (not even git-core).

It didn’t download git-core so that’s likely what’s included in the base image.

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But it says Added: git-core-doc-2.21.0-1.fc30.noarch… ahh uhm… also just noticed while copy-pasting! That’s “git-core-doc”…

Okay, this explains it.