Default backup tools

I certainly understand that I can do rpm-ostree install deja-dup, but I do not understand why this is not immediately in the base system by default?
Is backup user data is not a priority task?

I think the goal of Silverblue is to keep the base OS minimal for the sake of maintainability and security. Most user needed software should be added by way of Flatpak or Toolbox install. This is mostly a Silverblue design direction which is much different than the traditional Fedora Workstation distribution. I hope this answer wll help you understand better the reasons why there are not that many tools installed in the base Silverblue OS.

I agree, but it will be good if there is a lot of software in flatpack. And now there it is not (
Here, for example, for many years I used CentOS and Fedora and now I decided to try silverblue.
And how can I not understand what I need to deliver so that my totem could show x264-mp4 files.
Since I have always used a gnome, I think that all kinds of VLCs are not needed here :frowning:

mx@n5050 ~]$ rpm -qa | grep gstrea

1,16.0 vs 1.15.1 ?

or this:

mx@n5050 yum.repos.d]$ ostree remote list

[mx@n5050 yum.repos.d]$ cat /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-cisco-openh264.repo | grep enabled=1

This is normal ?

I do not understand how the system works.
They wrote that the system should be minimally correct.

[mx @ n5050 ~] $ flatpak list | grep firefox

[mx @ n5050 ~] $ flatpak search firefox

Name Full Description Application ID Version Vetka Remotes Firefox Browse the Web org.mozilla.Firefox stable fedora

[mx @ n5050 ~] $ rpm -qa | grep firefox

$rpm-ostree install borgbackup


What you see there is correct. It’s because firefox is part of the base image - it’s not installed as a Flatpak.

Sorry, but I do not understand English well, but most likely there is some kind of pun.
Then they write about the minimal basic image, it turns out that there is a browser in this image, and the same browser is available in the flatpack … I don’t understand :frowning:

Yes, there is a browser in the image - because Firefox in the Flatpak is still in the “preview” state and we prefer the RPM over. Once it is ready, then we will remove it from the base image and replace it with its Flatpak version.

Good. Thank you very much for your answer.
I correctly understand that :
GNOME Application Platform version 3.32 org.gnome.Platform 3.32 system
also then removed from the base image?

That’s a Flatpak runtime and it’s not part of the base image, so it can’t be removed from there.

Something I’m confused.
There are nautilus and other gnome applications in the base system, they are based on the gnome libraries that are already in the base package.
Why, then, still runtime gnome for flatpack?

Because you probably installed it when installing some Flatpak. The runtime is not part of the base image. Yes, there are some application in the base image, that don’t work properly in Flatpak (Firefox, Nautilus) yet.

Many thanks for the replies.