Onboard onscreen keyboard crashes everytime....!

Onboard onscreen keyboard crashes everytime I try to use it, It crashes in asahi-archlinux flavor as well. I have just switched from mac to linux, overall experience is really very good. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

Maliit-keyboard definitely seems to be broken in Plasma (Wayland):

Aug 18 21:01:01 fedora-asahi maliit-keyboard[12701]: QSGContext::initialize: depth buffer support missing, expect rendering errors
Aug 18 21:01:01 fedora-asahi maliit-keyboard[12701]: QSGContext::initialize: stencil buffer support missing, expect rendering errors

The virtual keyboard icon displays in the notification area when a compatible app (e.g., Alacritty) is opened, and I can successfully activate/deactivate the virtual keyboard using this icon. But while the activate/deactivate messages appear fine on the desktop, the virtual keyboard itself is never visible.

And from what I see online, it seems like it’s broken on many distros, and a low-priority fix at the moment. If you really need an on-screen keyboard, I suggest installing the CoreKeyboard flatpak from flathub (flatpak install flathub org.cubocore.CoreKeyboard) and use it in Plasma (X11).

2226646 – Maliit On Screen Keyboard Fails to Open Automatically On KDE Plasma Workspaces might be related as well

CoreKeyBoard also doesn’t work. It seems virtual keyboards have some issues with wayland Just guessing). Anyway thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

Yes - CoreKeyboard doesn’t work with Wayland - you’d have to use it with Plasma (X11). And while X11 isn’t going to be supported long-term on Fedora Asahi Remix, it may be an option that works for you until the bugs with Maliit-keyboard are fixed.

Just to add, we absolutely have depth/stencil buffer support, so I don’t know what’s causing those messages. Presumably something with framebuffer configurations/etc. That may or may not be what’s causing the actual issue though.